Our Mission Statement:

To be understood as an on-going commitment. We are constantly being called, being equipped and being sent as we grow up towards God (spirituality), grow together (fellowship), and grow out (mission) in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission Priorities:

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through united prayer & intercession, lead people: To KNOW Christ, To GROW in Christ, To SERVE Christ, To SHARE Christ, in obedience to God’s Word. In pursuit of our Mission Priorities we pledge to:

  1. Strive for a family oriented church, and try to eliminate the divisions between age groups. The whole family is welcome, and we serve the whole family unit at RandMeth.
  2. Prioritise our one or two mission projects, and concentrate on them as our mission focus.
  3. Put value on fellowship.

As members of RandMeth we all commit to:

So too, a worshipping congregation which is focussed on God and serving others, does not ‘sweat the small stuff’.

Spiritual Formation
Justice, Service and Reconciliation
Social Concerns
Social Fellowship
Mission and Evangelism
Pastoral Care